Prof. Dr. Bart De Moor (iMinds - KU Leuven) is the only Belgian to make it to Thomson Reuters' list of computer scientists whose work is most often cited by fellow researchers. Thomson Reuters compiled the list based on the top-1% cited papers in a variety of domains. In the domain of computer science, a select group of 117 researchers worldwide has been defined, of which only 27 Europeans - and one Belgian. [PR available in Dutch only]

Professor Bart De Moor is the only Belgian Computer Scientist to make it to Thomson Reuters' list of most-cited computer scientists

Ghent – June 25, 2014. iStart, the start-up incubation program from the Flemish digital research center iMinds, has been selected as one of the best 25 University Business Incubators worldwide. The Swedish UBI Index ranks iMinds in 25th position, after screening more than 300 incubation programs from 67 countries.

iMinds’ iStart Incubation Program Ranks Amongst the Top-25 University Business Incubator Initiatives Worldwide