Antwerp - 27 February, 2015. Online advertising is big business, but spamming consumers with random ads has proven not to be the best way to optimize advertising returns: people only click on ads that are relevant to them. Hence, media companies and advertisers have been exploring targeted advertising strategies to boost online ads’ click-through rates (and revenues) based on an analysis of people’s Internet surfing patterns. An approach that conflicts with consumers’ stringent privacy concerns?

[Third Party PR] Belgian tech starter PrediCube: more effective targeted online advertising while respecting consumers’ privacy concerns

Ghent – 25 February 2015. Supporting the development Wanagogo, Studio 100's digital world for kids, iMinds - MICT - Ghent University carried out an extensive research effort into the digital gaming habits among young children (aged between 3 and 10 years). A survey among 9,815 parents shows that children in this age group play increasingly – on average 40 minutes per day – and that there is a need for a gaming environment where parents can support their children.

Young Flemish Children Play Digital Games For An Average Of 40 Minutes A Day