iMinds Conference

Genk, November 12-14, 2014: Research centers such as Hasselt University and VITO are conducting a lot of high-tech research with great economic potential, ranging from new methods to detect cancer in its earliest stages to developing (bio)chemical processes with low environmental impact. For the newest generation of researchers, achieving scientific and technological breakthroughs is only one aspect of their activities, though. In addition, they are increasingly exploring the market potential of their innovations. A three-day workshop in Genk - organized by iMinds - focused on developing researchers' entrepreneurial skills.

Researchers from Hasselt University and VITO explore - together with iMinds - the market potential of their innovations

Unified Thesaurus, the feasibility study into the importance and development of a unified thesaurus for different sectors, has resulted into a set of conclusions. The five-month research, conducted by iMinds - MiX and VIAA, together with the Media, Heritage and Cultural sectors, is an important step towards better storable, accessible and searchable data, gained from media applications and other sources.

Making Digital Data from Media Easier to Manage and Consult