Carambla app for smart parking

Written by iMinds on Monday 23 April 2012

Going to the city center for shopping, an evening out or to attend an event? Download Carambla’s mobile app and reserve & pay your parking spot in just a few seconds.


When little over 80% of the on-street city parking spaces are taken, more and more drivers need to circle the block to find free spots. Causing traffic jams to such an extent that drivers can spend one year of their lives searching for available space. Next to tons of frustration, this wastes fuel and increases pollution.

Therefore Carambla has created a real-time market place where seekers and sellers of parking space meet & help each other out. Recently they also launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android. 


Currently Carambla is active in Belgium only. Do you care to help them branch-out? Check out their website. Registration is for free! 


Carambla is one of the four IBBT iStart projects

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