G-flux, winner of Start Academy 2012!

Written by iMinds on Tuesday 03 April 2012

Start Academy is a competition where students can set their first steps in the world of entrepreneurship. By creating a clever business plan the candidates become more aware of the feasibility of their product/service. On March 29th, the 6 remaining finalists got into an exciting battle for the first price, an amount of € 2500!

G-flux, one of our own iStart.Light projects, was one of those finalists. With their mobile app, Bike to the moon, they want to promote going to work by bike. 

G-flux received not only the first price, but also the award for best market analysis. A great confirmation that they’re well on their way!

With their application Bike to the Moon, biking data can be stored from an individual or even a group, e.g. all the biking employees of a company. Routes, time and speed, all go into the database. The smartphone app and website are the ideal long-term teambuilding project for a company. In the mean while, these student entrepreneurs have already started up their company and soon they will launch their Bike to the moon app on the market.  . 

Another congratulations to G-flux!


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