IBBT camera technology puts you in the director's seat of Villa Vanthilt

Written by iMinds on Thursday 25 August 2011

Villa Vanthilt, a television programme running on Flemish broadcast ‘Eén’, is presented by the flamboyant Marcel Vanthilt. The programme offers al its viewers an extensive look behind the scenes, thanks to its location; in the middle of the main square of a major city.

Viewers can follow the programme live on the spot and experience the action close-by.

Recently, the view behind the scenes takes it one level up: you can now look  around in the studio from your living room, thanks to a 360° video camera from IBBT.


Have a look at it yourself!


This camera was developed in co-operation with the Expert Centre for Digital Media (EDM) for the IBBT ICON project xTV (Explorative Television).


Download the press release here (Dutch text)


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