Is Google I/O on your programme? Don't forget our Webmission!

Written by iMinds on Tuesday 05 April 2011

What is a webmission?

A Webmission is a delegation of Belgian Web, Tech & Mobile entrepreneurs that travel abroad to promote their companies and to network, taking advantage of an international Internet/Tech event and the secondary happenings around it.


Promote Belgian Web, Tech & Mobile entrepreneurship abroad, by increasing its visibility and international network.


We want to establish a longterm sustainable project around the Webmission Academy, to multiply, better organize, and better prepare future Webmissions.

Who are we?

We are a group of entrepreneurs, bloggers, journalists, developers and Tech enthusiasts from the three regions of Belgium that have voluntarily joined forces to promote the many good ideas and projects that are brewing in the country.

We gather and promote the Webmissions from the Beta Group as a starting point to reach the whole of the Belgian Web & Tech industry.

The Beta Group is the more important Web entrepreneurship networking event in Belgium. It gathers more than 300 people every month for the presentation of Startups and has over 2200 members.



Webmission 4: Google I/O 2011 (San Francisco, USA) - May 2011

Taking advantage of this year's Google I/0 event, a group of entrepreneurs is organizing a new Webmission to San Francisco, lead by Antoine Perdaens, Kindja J. Lwabandji, Nicolas Frenay and Samuel Piroton.


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