Line-Up: the latest immersive creation of CREW

Written by admin on Thursday 12 November 2009

This production has been established thanks to the research performed by CREW and IBBT-EDM-UHasselt in the context of the Art&D program of IBBT. Line-Up is the successor of EUX, the immersive performance, which toured earlier this year nationally and internationally. This performance is, just like EUX, all about the immersive experience, but in this case with 5 people simultaneously. The music is by George van Dam, the script by Eli Commins (Fr, also author of EUX) and the actors are (alternately) Peter Gorissen and Leen Diependaele.

With Line-up, CREW takes an important next step in the exploration of immersive technology, as performative medium. Using the latest developments in the field of omni-directional cameras, video glasses, surround sound etc, the spectator is placed in the center and he becomes the protagonist of his own performance.

Welcome to the mythical world with Line-Up

With Line-Up you submerge yourself into the world of mythical imagination.  The world you find yourself in hides under its surface deeper turmoil. The story takes you on a journey in your own imagination, dark and joyful at the same time.

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