Living Lab Olympus: it's all about electric vehicles

Written by iMinds on Wednesday 21 March 2012

More and more public bikes appear on the street scene. Until now, however, these were just simple pedal bikes. Blue-mobility, known from the Blue-bike bike-sharing system, would like to change this and intends to widen their public bike-sharing offering with electric bikes as well, as these become more and more popular.

Within the frame of Olympus, the Flemish Living Lab for electric vehicles, Blue-mobility is launching a public call for tenders in view of automatic e-bike stations. Blue-mobility obtained the mandate to act as contracting centre for awarding 9 e-bike stations in Ghent and Hasselt. These stations should allow lending out public electric bikes and charging them without mediation of any staff member, and with a minimum of actions required by the user. A study has also been completed to find out how private people could use these stations to charge their own electric bikes.

Olympus is starting in four cities: Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven and Antwerp. Thanks to Cambio and Blue-bike, deposits already exist for shared cars and shared bikes at the NMBS railway stations of these cities. Travelers will soon have the possibility of also choosing an electric bike. Moreover, the NMBS Holding is installing electric charging points for private cars, scooters and bikes in the 34 biggest railway stations.

Read here for the full press report. 

The full notice for making a tender is available at the following link

Blue-bike is a product of “FIETSenWERK” and the NMBS Holding, with assistance of the FOD (Public Finance Department) Mobility and Transport, the Flemish Government and Eneco.


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re: Living Lab Olympus: it's all about electric vehicles

By John 30/01/2013 (1 year ago)


Electric bikes is also an another good source. Evenly they are safe and reliable for everyone. And i personally like it.


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