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Written by iMinds on Tuesday 18 December 2012

MiX evaluates research project which makes personalized media possible

Ghent, December 14, 2012

Yesterday, the Media ID project was presented to the selection committee of MiX (the Media Innovation Centre of iMinds). The project has mobilized the Flemish media sector on an unprecedented scale: the groundbreaking initiative is supported by the newspaper groups, the magazines and all Flemish broadcasters.

The goal of the Media ID project is to develop an open and reliable solution capable of managing the identity of media users across different platforms, devices and media. This would allow for new services and highly personalized media, in a very user friendly way. The project is currently being evaluated and could start in the spring of 2013.

Flemish Minister for Innovation Ingrid Lieten founded the MiX nine months ago within iMinds, the Flemish strategic research organization which focusses on ICT innovation. Yesterday, Media ID – one of the first large project proposals - was presented to the selection committee of the MiX.

The rapid digitalization poses a major challenge for the Flemish media industry. With this project however, the sector fully chooses the path of innovation and forges unique collaborations to do so.

The Media ID project brings together the newspaper groups, the magazines and all Flemish broadcasters in one pioneering venture.

The project also reaches out openly to all players in the field, both the ‘traditional’ media and the small businesses and start-ups. Media ID clearly confirms the ambition of the MiX to carry out representative research for and with the Flemish media industry.

Media ID will develop an open and reliable solution to manage the identity of media users across different platforms, devices and media. The application will be highly user friendly by giving users access to all kinds of media platforms and applications with one unique login. This will allow the media sector to develop new services and a much more personalized media offering, customized to individual interests and needs.

The research project will focus strongly on usability, safety and reliability for the media consumer, as well as the protection of privacy and new possibilities for development on the platform. The project proposition is currently being evaluated. In case of approval, it will be able to start in the spring of 2013, with first results to be expected in the autumn.

MiX was established to offer a positive answer to the challenges the future holds, through innovative solutions. We are very pleased with the enthusiasm we found for a project like Media ID, since this clearly indicates that there is real support for broad innovation in the sector and that a framework for strategic collaborations has been created. The platform will also be open to all companies in this market, both large and small, which is unique worldwide.”

(Martijn Bal, MiX Director)


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