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Written by admin on Thursday 16 April 2009

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Bruno Lanvin (INSEAD) opening keynote at iMinds (May 12th 2009)

How will Europe take up the challenges it faces in terms of closing the innovation gap? What measures can be taken to increase Europe´s ICT readiness?  These topics form the basis for this year´s iMinds event on May 12th. We are delighted to announce that Bruno Lanvin (Executive Director of INSEAD eLab) will bring the opening keynote speech this year.

He will join forces with Samuel Widmann (Google), Amy Shuen (author of "Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide"), Ben Cerveny (Stamen Design), Roland Harwood (NESTA), Klaus Haasis (MFG), Ken Ducatel (European Commission) and many more inspirational speakers.

Haven´t registered yet? Register here! iMinds is a free event.


One week left for INCA applications!

Minister Patricia Ceysens will present the INCA (INnovative & Creative Applications) Award at the iMinds conference. The INCA competition launched successfully on March 23rd andapplications can be submitted until April 26th.  We have received positive feedback so far, promising good results. The guidelines for this competition and some inspirational cases are available through!


Launch second ICON call

After a first successful call for ICON projects (Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research), our second call launches now. ICON projects replace the former GBO projects. The new ICON procedure is strongly geared to IWT´s R&D procedure. By means of one single application procedure with IBBT, all companies complying with the IWT conditions will be able to apply directly for IWT support for the ICON project.

Please contact project development or the program managers (Birgit Morlion, Nico Verplancke or André De Vleeschouwer) for any questions regarding the preparation of project ideas. By 18th May 2009 at the latest all project ideas should be announced. 15th June is the cute-off date for submission of all project proposals. Decisions on the ICON projects will be made in December 2009, and the approved projects can start as from January 2010.

Manuals and submission forms >>

Upcoming events

Teleon Closing event - April 20th 2009

The production of interactive 3D worlds is labor intensive and has long production times. The growing demand for fast changing 3D worlds and stories, support for online communities and the growing degree of realism in next generation media platforms will further increase the scale of the productions. The TELEON project conducted research on how investment and operational costs can be brought down and how 3D worlds can be adapted easily without concession to quality.

Read more >> 

Video Q-SAC closing event - April 23rd 2009

Despite recent commercialization of digital TV in Flanders, e.g. over ADSL, a large amount of challenges remain, not at least in the home network. Also in business environments, qualitative delivery of video services, e.g. in conference rooms remains challenging. The Video Q-SAC project (Video to the Home - Quality Sensing, Aggregation & Control) tackled exactly these challenges. Results and conclusions will be presented here.


International Workshop on Business Models for Mobile Platforms - April 27th 2009

The emergence of various new types of platforms in mobile and wireless systems illustrates that competition and diversity in the mobile arena are increasing strongly, and that convergent service provision is rising strongly. The objective of this workshop is to explore changing business models and industry architectures as a result of the introduction of new mobile platforms.


Social media and living labs: Flemish research in action - April 28th 2009

Join us to discover the state of the art in user centric design of social media applications running on different living labs across Europe (Cologne, Engerwitzdorf and Oslo).
During a live demo event each visitor can try out numerous applications and proof-of concepts created within a large European FP6 research project called CITIZEN MEDIA.


Friday Food: Digital Games, a medium for the 21st century - May 8th 2009

The next Friday Food event will offer a presentation on digital games by Jan Van Looy
(IBBT-IBCN-UGent), followed by a bite to eat and some networking with other researchers from the IBBT community.


IBBT-MIT joint workshop on cognitive radio standardization & markets - May 11th 2009

IBBT and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) invite you to their first Joint Workshop on Cognitive Radio Standardization & Markets in Brussels on 11 May 2009. The workshop confronts the latest research and regulatory insights in Europe and North America regarding standardization and market issues for Cognitive Radio.



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