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Written by admin on Monday 11 February 2008

2007 was a very busy year for IBBT and probably for you as well. The last month is a good illustration. Below you will find an overview of events we are organizing or to which we are participating in the weeks to follow. The leitmotiv in many of these events is the convergence of a number of disciplines and technologies. We try to act upon this trend in our operations. Therefore I would like to call your special attention to the Art&D program that we are starting up, which is an improved step in our striving for productive multidisciplinary research. We hope to welcome you at our numerous events!

Meanwhile the festive opening of the new incubation center iCUBES was a big success. You can 'virtually' relive the occasion thanks to the pictures and video recordings on

Since IBBT is one of only 6 worldwide research partners of Bell Labs, we are happy to join forces with Alcatel-Lucent Bell once more: on Wednesday December 19th we are not only festively opening the new offices of IBBT's Brussels based research groups SMIT and ETRO (VUB) and iLab Policy; the Alcatel-Lucent-Bell Innovation Awards will be handed out. Kimmo Ojuva (director of DIMES and former director of Nokia R&D) will be giving a keynote speech. More details will be available soon on this website but don't forget to save the date!

As announced before IBBT is starting a new program: Art&D. This program consists of a grant system supporting the artist as well as the researcher. We want to kick off with 3 such grants a year, attributed on a project basis and for the maximum duration of one year. It is an 'artists in residence' program in order to encourage interaction between researchers and artists. You can find additional information on the procedure and conditions on this website.

The End-to-End Quality of Experience project (E2E QoE) has been launched in October 2005. The project aims at maximizing user perceived quality considering seamless and secure access to multimedia content across heterogeneous environments dealing with dynamic requirements/conditions and constrained resources. On December 11th 2007 the current status of the research around the three tracks of the project will be presented: the End-to-end QoE co-optimization, the Pervasive security and the User centric approach. Participation to this workshop is free of charge but registration is mandatory:

Broadband Europe 2007 is taking place from December 3rd - 6th. BBEurope is a unique conference that gives a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art and trends in the multi-disciplinary field of broadband networks and services. It gathers R&D people and decision makers from industry, providers, research institutes, academia, standards, and government organizations. High level invited speakers in the opening plenary will share their vision on how future broadband networks will evolve in an environment of increasing multimedia, a growing number of connected devices in the home or on the move, and new ways of communication in "Web 2.0". More information is available through

IBBT is one of the technology partners in "Frame by Frame: where Art meets Technology", Praga Khan's innovative show that had its opening night in October 25th. On Sunday December 9th 2008 companies can present this show to their customers and partners. More information in this "Night of the companies" can be found through IBBT partners signing up for such a customer event can count on an exclusive IBBT cocktail!

Crossmedia is 'hot'. The sector is continuously talking about it. But what is crossmedia? The answer to this question often is technological. Storytelling is however a fundamental part of crossmedia. That is why the International Conference on crossmedia storytelling is organised on November 23rd and 24th. You can subscribe as "IBBT partner" (and get a reduction) on

The IBBT research groups MICT, SMIT and EDM, in cooperation with Virtueel Platform, are organising a workshop on the Erfgoed 2.0 project at the DEN (Digitaal Erfgoed Vlaanderen) conference (Rotterdam - December 12th & 13th 2007).
The DEN conference explores the possibilities of ICT in the consumption and experience of cultural heritage. The conference has a broad topic-area and invites representatives from museums, archives, libraries, cultural, archaeological or heritage institutions to participate actively in different workshops. Erfgoed2.0 (or 'Heritage2.0') is performing research on a social, interactive and location-based heritage experience via mobile devices within a network of heritage sites. The innovative aspect of this project lies in the focus on the importance of social interaction within a cultural experience. The objective is to link that component to a digital environment. The project aims, following the 'virtuous circle'-principle, at enriching the visitors' experience, both during the real visit as in the pre or post trajectory. You can find additional information though

Research on e-publishing is rapidly expanding, user generatad content (UGC) playing an important role. The Role of UGC within the news-publishing industry is the subject of a joint IWT FLEET and IBBT conference day on January 31st 2008: New(s) Generation. Exploring the opportunities of user generated content (DeBuren, Brussels). We kindly invite you to participate. During this day, we'll offer a broad perspective on UGC, with several international business cases, illustrating some of the economic, social and legal aspects, which will be linked to related interim FLEET & IBBT research results. Following speakers are confirmed: Leonard Brody (CEO, Fabienne Brison (Law / LSTS, VUB), Marcel Houtman & Lian Kool (, Erik Josefsson ( / Electronic Frontier Foundation), Rowan Barnett (BILD / The Avastar). More information soon on

Two of our eHealth projects are finishing on a positive note at the beginning of next year. Therefore, don't forget to save the following dates: the ASCIT closing event will take place on Wednesday January 16th 2008 (location: IBBT) and the E-HIP project will be festively closed on Friday February 29th 2008 (location: Leuven). More information is to follow soon.

ANDROME, a spin-off of EDM (a centre of the University of Hasselt and an IBBT research group) offers the opportunity to organize your meetings through an audio and video conference through the Vidivic conference service. You don't have to be a computer genius to make use of this service: all you need is a broadband connection with a webcam and a headset. It's also possible to join a conference with your home phone or cell phone. Therefore you don't have to make those time-consuming trips to and from meetings any more, now that you can communicate efficiently with a group of people. For more information:

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the following events:

  • BELNET Networking Conference 2007 on December 11th 2007, at the HUSA President Park Hotel in Brussels (
  • The closing networkin event of the 'KnoSoS' project on November 19th, with 'how to make use of social software (Web 2.0) to share knowledge and innovate' as a central question.' KnoSoS is an open source platform developed by the Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen and Vrije Universiteit Brussel in support of networking, knowledge sharing and innovation. (
  • The seminar "Fiscale stimuli inzake Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling" on December 10th, an organisation of Leuven.Inc. (

We hope to welcome you at one of these events.

Best regards,

Wim De Waele
General Manager

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