PING - a serious game about poverty - launched today

Written by iMinds on Monday 27 September 2010


Today the serious game PING (Poverty Is Not a Game) was launched at the KTA Jette, in the presence of Flemish ministers Ingrid Lieten and Pascal Smet.

The King Baudouin Foundation and IBBT developed this game to show that games can be an adequate aid in addressing complex societal themes such as poverty.

In Flanders games are still seldom used in an educational context. However, research by the research group IBBT-MICT-UGENT with over 400 students has shown that serious games in class positively effect the learning as well as the learning gratification.

From October 20th, 2010 onwards, the PING game will be freely available online and will be distributed to all secondary schools in Flanders, together with a CD and a manual on how to apply games in an educational context and to address the poverty theme through such a game in class.
The game will at the same time be launched in Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The KBF will also develop an educational coaching program for teachers. The initiative will soon be evaluated by the parties involved as well, to allow follow-up actions and projects as soon as possible.


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