The GameHUB project invites you to join the kick off on Tuesday the 23th of November in Hasselt

Written by iMinds on Wednesday 17 November 2010

The knowledge hub will be part of the creative incubator at C-Mine, Genk.

Kick off


The kick off starts off with a speech by the Belgian Minister for Innovation and Media, Ingrid Lieten. Katia Aerts provides information about the GameHUB project itself and the three games. Tristan Lambert will talk about the game company Vertigo Games and their game incubator initiative in the Netherlands.

After a panel discussion focusing on serious games in Flanders, Maurice Engelen will be officially appointed as the ambassador of the project GameHUB.


During the reception, you can visit three exhibitions which will give you a preview of the three games being developed. A first proof of concept will focus on the history of the puppet theatre (Het Firmament).

The second, called New Belgica, will be a serious game based on a legendary voyage by a Belgian vessel to Antarctica in the 19th century.

Finally, in close collaboration with a flemish patrons association (Unizo-Limburg), a business game will be developed which can be used in schools to promote entrepreneurship with young people.

Het Firmament - Controller Experiments from GameHUB on Vimeo.


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