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Could you make it 24 hours without social media?

Written by iMinds on Thursday 06 December 2012

The latest version of Digimeter, a research initiative by iMinds-iLab.o, reveals that 57% of social media users would not make it through one day without social media. This, and other peculiar numbers on digital Flanders, in the following blog and the Digimeter report. Read more...

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Participate in the Digimeter survey and WIN!

Written by iMinds on Wednesday 29 August 2012

Do you ever ask yourself what % of Flemish people nowadays have more than 1 mobile? Or whether you are really the only living being on earth that can live without an iPad or home theater? Or whether there are actually people who don’t use social network sites in the digital era?  Well, even scientists have these questions, and YOU can help them!  Read more...

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The homo digitalis lives in Flanders

Written by iMinds on Thursday 21 June 2012

The Flemish are increasingly using digital equipment. The fourth wave of Digimeter shows that 75% of the population has digital TV. Ten percent of the people have more than one mobile phone and the majority have multiple types of computers. Read more...

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Facebook for seniors

Written by Koen Vervoort on Wednesday 09 February 2011

All challenges are different, but explaining social networking sites to senior citizens is something else! Facebook for Seniors. It makes a nice change from researchers with double negatives and questions about PSAP. Read more...

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Flemish 'Nobel Prizes' reward excellent researchers

Written by iMinds on Friday 06 August 2010

The prestigious FWO Excellence Awards are awarded in the five major science fields. Prof. Bart De Moor sees as a laureate, of the Dr. de Leeuw Damry-bourlart 2010 Prize in Applied Science, his research career awarded with this special prize. Read more...

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Digimeter, Boonen and dermatoglyphics

Written by Koen Vervoort on Tuesday 23 March 2010

This blog was written by Koen Vervoort, panel manager at iLab.o and counsellor of the recruiting actions for the Digimeter project. Koen relates a day in the life of the research team. Read more...

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Digimeter is an excellent example of iLab.oŽs  research work: research that occurs outside the lab, where representative users are questioned about the impact of ICT on their environment. Thanks to a new tool, Digimeter data can now also be analyzed by external scientists. All was revealed during a presentation given by iLab.o panel managers Koen Vervoort and Tim Valaert at a recent edition of Friday Food. Read more...

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Newsletter February 2010

Written by admin on Tuesday 02 March 2010

In the picture ICON call 2010 now open After several successful calls for ICON projects (Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research), IBBT now launches the ICON call 2010. All companies complying with the IWT conditions will once again be able to apply directly for IWT support for the ICON project. The final deadline for the ICON project call 2010 is Monday, April 26, 2010 (at noon). If you are interested in collaborating in an ICON project with IBBT or you have specific questions about ICON, we kindly invite you to our ICON information session on March 23, 2010 at IBBT. If you would like to attend this workshop, please send an e-mail to . More information >> New European research projects IBBT-IBCN-UGent collaborates in 5 new research projects within the European 7th framework programme (call 4).3 Integrated Projects fit within the topic "The Network of the Future": OASE on ultra-high capacity multilayer transport networks, STRONGEST on multi-terabit Next-Generation Optical Network Architectures, and GEYSER on Optical Networks and dynamic Any-IT resource provisioning. Within "Networked Media and 3D Internet" IBBT-IBCN-UGent participates in the STREP (smaller, more focussed project) OCEAN on open content delivery framework. Finally, IBBT-IBCN-UGent is lead partner in the Coordination and Support action OSIRIS, which looks at strategies for open and sustainable ICT research infrastructures. These projects are running for 2 to 3 years. For the 5th call of FP7, currently in the negotiation phase, IBBT-IBCN-UGent is invited to the negotiations for 4 STREPS, 3 IPs, and 1 Network of Excellence. These projects fit within the topics: "Future Internet experimental facility and experimentally-driven research", "The Network of the Future", and "The Network of the Future & ICT for Energy Efficiency". Read more...

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Thys Tanktransport is Carrier of the Year 2010

Written by admin on Monday 15 February 2010

For the 19th year in a row, MMM Business Media honors the best representatives from the transport and logistics industry at the Transport & Logistics Awards. The various winners of these awards in the 2010 edition were announced on Thursday, February 11 in Thurn & Taxis (Brussels). Read more...

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The IWT ITEA SODA project, which stands for Service-Oriented Device & Delivery Architectures, has been awarded the ITEA Achievement Award 2009 - Bronze for outstanding contributions to the ITEA programme. The IBBT-IBCN-UGent research group played an important role within the SODA project, with Prof. Filip De Turck, Prof. Bart Dhoedt, Dr. Bruno Volckaert, and Gregory Van Seghbroeck involved in the project. The ITEA 2 board is convinced of the great step forward on the way to achieving the web of objects by the SODA project. The consortium was able to embed web services in 5 euro devices. This integration led to a significant reduction of time to market for innovative services. It also succeeded in promoting Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS) as an OASIS standard and delivering different implementations. Read more...

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