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A seminar about the technology transfer of ICT innovation took place in Brussels, just one day before the European Parliament in Strasbourg approved the ‘Innovation Union’. Read more...

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iLab.o in the picture

Written by iMinds on Wednesday 30 March 2011

The Smart+Connected Communities Institute spoke with Pieter Ballon about the importance and the rise of Living Labs in European research Read more...

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Beyond Open Internet Slogans

Written by Pieter Ballon; Eric Van Heesvelde on Friday 18 February 2011

The battle of words between a number of Internet pioneers on the one hand (De Morgen 7/2) and Minister Van Quickenborne on the other (De Morgen 8/2) about the openness of the Internet makes us feel hopeful. It proves that the obstacles to the openness of fixed and mobile Internet that have been present for a long time have finally entered the public forum. What has led to this discussion is the power given to Apple, for the iPad in this case, to impose all kinds of rules and taxes on our local media. Read more...

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On 14 October, the second international workshop on Business Models for Mobile Platforms (BMMP 10) was hosted at the ICIN 2010 conference in Berlin. The workshop mainly focused on the causes and effects of the current explosion of platforms in the mobile ICT industry. IBBT-SMIT was represented by BMMP 10’s chair Pieter Ballon, who held a keynote speech. Read more...

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Pieter Ballon and Olivier Braet on the war in Medialand

Written by iMinds on Thursday 09 September 2010

Tension between the Flemish television broadcasting companies and the network operators seems to be mounting. In recent months a letter from VRT, VMMA and SBS to Telenet and Belgacom TV was leaked.In this letter they stated that the facility offered by digital TV for recording programmes was undermining their relationship with viewers and decimating their revenues. Read more...

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Friday Food: cozy networking

Written by admin on Monday 04 February 2008

For the 11th time IBBT organized a Friday Food at which all IBBT research workers were welcome. To get to know colleague research workers or to see a different research group from the inside out, IBBT organizes each first Friday afternoon of the month a Friday Food. The traditional recipe of a Friday Food includes an expert lecturer, an interested and varied audience and an excess of bites to eat and drinks. The Friday Food of November, which was postponed for a week because of the holidays the week in advance, was a large success. Read more...

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