Games at School

Lifetime project: 1 July 2011 - 31 December 2013


Because of their systematic and self-motivating character, videos are increasingly seen as a major tool for primary and secondary education. Developing educational (3D) video games is extremely complex and cost intensive. This partly explains their limited availability.

To raise the standard of educational games, editor ‘die Keure’ and game developer Larian Studios developed Studio Monkey Labs ‒ a 3D video game that combine mathematics with a high dose of fun. The challenges in this pioneering venture form the research brief of G@S.

G@S aims to research the creation of a platform that allows to easily create and distribute educational games. 
This platform is intended for both the schools as the home market and aspires to international reach. G@S has innovative goals in four areas: authoring, adaptive content and feedback, user knowledge and distribution. G@S implements a multidisciplinary design process in close consultation with user study groups and technology developers. The project follows a user-centered design philosophy.

Teachers who would like to participate in the research can visit www.monkeytalesgames.com/teachers.

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Project details

Project type: ICON project

The starting point of an ICON research project is an ICT-related need detected by companies, governments or organizations. In cooperation with the university research departments, iMinds brings together the right partners to carry out the research. iMinds finances up to 50% of all research costs. Each partner finances its own research.

Lifetime project

1 July 2011 - 31 December 2013


IMinds contact: Stefan Van Baelen
Project Lead: Swen Vincke
Research Lead: Bieke Zaman

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