Lifetime project: 1 January 2012 - 31 December 2012


In the center of Ghent, a spere with a diameter of 3 meters will be suspended. With the aid of four projectors images are projected on the surface of the spere. The images we see, both abstract and recognizable, show through a constant transformation the world we inhabit and the structures that surround us. Kevin Rogiest, a well-known producer in Ghent, composed a custom made piece as a soundtrack for this project.

By projecting on a sphere we get a picture without a frame or border, and we get the feeling that the projection is tangible.

In order to ensure that the images perfectly fit on an irregular shape like a sphere, specialized software is used to stretch and mask the projected image. This technique is called video projection mapping, a technique where almost every surface is transformed into a dynamic video display. It is used all over the world during festivals, inaugurations of new buildings or as a viral marketing stunt. Even musicians use video projection mapping as the superlative of a light show. Properly executed, the result is a dynamic projection system that transcends ordinary video projection.

The most advanced video projector mappings are based on structured light scanning, projection warping and edge blending for multi-projection. The goal is to add image-based lighting and tracking. Image-based lighting is a technique in which an image is used from the ambient light (a 360° panorama is ideal) to display photorealistic 3D models.

The film below will be projected on the sphere:

A project of Stijn Deprez, Nele Fack & Kevin Rogiest.

Project details

Project type: Art&D project/IM-Pact

The Art&D program is meant to encourage fruitful and innovative cooperationbetween artists and researchers. iMinds offers artists a one-year grant to carry out their artistic and ICT-related projects. The grant covers, among others, the costs of the technological research that is being carried out in the framework of the project.

The International Media Pact (IM-Pact) ran from 2008 until 2012, it was a joint research program of iMinds and ICTRegie in the field of digital media. This project model is no longer applicable.

Detail type: Artists in residence

Lifetime project

1 January 2012 - 31 December 2012


IMinds contact: Nico Verplancke
Project Lead: Stijn Deprez
Research Lead: Philippe Bekaert

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