Industry Partnerships


At imec, we feel that industry partnerships are vital to what we do. That's why we seek out strategic partnership agreements with key industrial partners. Adding to our existing partnership with Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia), in 2013 we signed agreements with BarcoMobile VikingsTelevic and UP-nxt, in 2015 with Zeticon, and in 2016 with Niko and Proximus. All of our strategic partners are active within at least one domain that is of essential importance to Flemish industry as a whole: 

Alcatel-Lucent is a world player in content distribution systems,
among other things
 Barco is a world player in the field of image processing
 Mobile Vikings is an expert in living lab methodologies
 Niko is a specialist in switching materials, door communication systems, lighting control and home automation systems
 Proximus is Belgium's largest telecommunications company offering fixed line & mobile communications, and ICT services
 Televic is a powerful force in communication systems
 UP-nxt excels in workflow management
 Zeticon specializes in Media Asset Management for the broadcasting industry, corporate environments and public sector

Thanks to these partnership agreements, our industrial partners will continue to benefit from the research knowledge accumulated by imec – and vice versa. Not only do we establish research projects together, we also collaborate on a strategic and operational level. We share our knowledge through working groups and our ‘Open Days’. In the long-term, it will be possible to join forces to create roadmaps or to select and recruit rare ICT talent. 

Imec also has two research partnerships with:

Flemish strategic research institute VITO. Together we conduct research into 'Smart Grids' in particular, smart networks that combine electricity, gas, heating and communication networks to create one system that ensures optimal energy production and distribution.
   Seoul National University (SNU), with which we collaborate on the topic of Intelligent wireless networking.