City of Things for Entrepreneurs

The City of Things is a large-scale living lab in Antwerp, where user research takes place in a real-life environment with the consent of the participants. This groundbreaking initiative brings together industry, government institutions, entrepreneurs and urban citizens.

City of Things platform offers tech entrepreneurs a lean and powerful gateway to real-time big data, ideal for the development, testing and optimization of products and services with a positive impact on citizen life and work.

Explore the benefits of City of Things for your business

  • A user group of 200.000 urban citizens offers developers and tech entrepreneurs an initial install base for their apps and services. The platform enables to interact with target groups, track user behavior and develop products and services in a most lean and flexible way.

  • We collect real-time data from connected citizens via their smartphones, iBeacon devices installed throughout the City of Antwerp, and point of sale systems in retail shops. Through our permanent monitoring we guarantee real-life data in real-time.

  • Our Citizen Loyalty Program rewards connected inhabitants with virtual currencies and bonus point, as a way to keep users motivated and engaged. Incentives include Viking credits, City Life, A-Card (City of Antwerp) and UIT-Pass points.

  • We provide the necessary resources for you to develop a high-quality product, service or business. We have open data and proprietary data, we offer advice on FIWARE Generic Enablers and how to use them, and we support you with our business modelling expertise to help you establish a sound business and cash flow.

  • We help you find your way through Flanders’ and Europe’s funding mazes and help you submit good project proposals. We are also involved in a number of incubation centers and accelerators and we leverage our network to boost your expansion plans.


Bart Braem
Operational Lead of City of Things