FIWARE Acceleration Program is a project funded by Europe to foster entrepreneurship and the development of new and innovative projects in the Future Internet domain. Imec is a regional hub for four FIWARE accelerators: CreatiFI, FABulous, FI-C3 and FInish.

FIWARE support to accelerate their business and generate global impact.

FIWARE is a global independent open community whose goal is to enable the development of new Smart Applications. In this context, the FIWARE Acceleration Program was created to promote the use of FIWARE technologies with multiple applications. The program is divided in several accelerators, focusing on different markets.

Linked to this program, the European Commission launched a campaign in September 2014 to support SMEs and entrepreneurs developing innovative applications based on FIWARE in Europe. Imec’s unique expertise in digital research and our success as a business incubator granted us the possibility to partner in this initiative, leading and managing the CreatiFI accelerator and acting as a regional hub for the Benelux in three other: FABulous, FI-C3 and FInish.

Through these programs, imec supports FIWARE participants with funding, business coaching and market support, expert counseling and a catalogue of FIWARE open source technologies. There are six available types of technologies, also called ‘generic enablers’: cloud hosting, data/context management, architecture of applications/services, ecosystem and delivery framework, Internet of Things, Interface to Networks and Devices (I2ND) and security. They can be explored and used via the FIWARE catalogue by all SMEs and web entrepreneurs selected to participate in the accelerator projects. In addition, the Future Internet Lab (FI-Lab) allows developers to test and experiment with the enablers, and to integrate them in their own innovative products and services.


Ingrid Willems
Ingrid Willems
Entrepreneur in Residence - FIWARE Program Manager

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