Developing mobile applications for better health

Qompium aims to revolutionize the future of healthcare by putting "a doctor in the patients' pockets", allowing them to check their health status anytime and anywhere. Qompium's first app called FibriCheck is designed to detect irregular heart rhythms. By enabling heart patients to monitor their heartbeats using ordinary smartphones, they can get faster diagnosis.

Recent Achievements

New funding

Qompium secured 1,5 million euro for growth in Belgium and internationally. Read more

04 May 2017

Winner of AppCircus ConhIT 2017

FibriCheck was voted best health app at the Berlin-based AppCircus ConhIT 2017. Read more

26 Apr 2017

EIT Digital Challenge

Qompium won the EIT Digital Challenge in the category 'Digital Wellbeing'. Read more

30 Nov 2016

Aging 2.0 Award

FibriCheck won the Aging 2.0 award in this year's conference in San Francisco. Read more

14 Oct 2016

Proof-of-Concept Prize

EIT Health awarded FibriCheck with a proof-of-concept prize, comprising a 25.000 Euro financial aid and a year support with EIT's health experts. Read more

27 Sep 2016

Agoria eHealth Award

Qompium's FibriCheck app won the Agoria eHealth Award for best mobile health project Read more

11 Jun 2015

iMinds support

Qompium is currently looking for Series A funding