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Every year the imec digimeter report brings us up to date on the ownership and use of media (technology) among the Flemish population. The digimeter research is quite unique and has been keeping a close eye on the Flemish media user since 2009.

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More than one quarter of the population in Flanders is between 55 and 85 years old, which correspond to around 3 million people. Following the publication of the digiMeter 2015 report last January, iMinds researchers now shed light on the possession and use of media among the Flemish elderly population.

digimeter 55+ report

digiMeter 2015

Every year the imec digimeter report offers up to date insights on the possession and use of media (technology) in Flanders. Our research has been keeping a close eye on the Flemish media user since 2009, enabling us to accurately map trends, facts and figures.

digiMeter report 2015

Adoption of healthcare innovations

Interested in similar research into healthcare innovations, and the use of wearables and health apps in Flanders?

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Six Months of Netflix in Flanders

Pilot research is sometimes applied in the short term to give feedback on subjects linked to live themes. A recent example is the 2015 Netflix report.

Six Months of Netflix in Flanders: Beyond the Hype?

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Prof. Dr. Lieven De Marez
Head of imec - MICT - Ghent University

About digimeter

How many hours of TV do people watch in Flanders? Which social media is used and for what purpose? How do the Flemish access the news? Every year the imec digimeter report gives us answers to all these questions. For this purpose we organize an annual survey among at least 1,500 inhabitants of Flanders, aged 15 and over.

Everyone can view the results, but the report is particularly important as reference or as a source of inspiration for researchers, industry and decision makers. For their pilot research and the user panels required to carry out this research, imec.livinglabs use the profile details gathered during the digimeter survey.

Test panel

Imec’s digimeter survey is one of the most important elements for imec.livinglabs pilot research. It's here that creative inventions are co-developed and tested among panels of end users. The digimeter community has been asked to take part.

Participation in a panel of end users like this has lots of advantages. Members are the first to come into contact with new ideas, products and services. For example, they are the first to drive an electronic car, take a walk wearing Google glasses, or check out a new city game with other locals.

How would you like to influence the products and services of tomorrow?

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