Applied research

Tackling concrete market needs via applied research projects with industry partners

Moving digital health(care) forward cannot be done in isolation, or by researchers solely. That is why imec encourages its researchers to team up with industry partners (and other stakeholders – including healthcare professionals and organizations) in broader consortia that tackle a very concrete market need.

Over the years, this approach has resulted in a specific iMinds (interdisciplinary, cooperative and applied) research program, called ICON. ICON research projects typically take two years to complete and result in building blocks that allow the participating partners to bring to market cutting-edge digital solutions.

Applied research projects in digital health

Since the start of the ICON program in 2005, more than 20 cooperative, applied research projects have been – or are being – conducted in the digital health space. Examples include –

Developing a 'Super Coach' app for obese people

The development of a digital 'Super Coach' app for obese people; this app will monitor all relevant factors affecting people’s weight (eating and exercising patterns, but also food purchasing behavior) and will generate personalized advice to help users achieve sustainable weight loss.
[b-SLIM project running till 31/03/2016].


Project: b-SLIM

Overcoming the hurdles to combining SPECT/MRI medical imaging

Thanks to multimodal imaging, a single scan can reveal all of the functional as well as complementary anatomical info that allows doctors to establish a diagnosis and suggest an appropriate therapy. Combining SPECT and MRI medical imaging proved to be a problem, though – due to interference between SPECT’s collimator material (which is used to narrow a beam of gamma rays) and MRI’s magnetic fields. That problem has now been solved in the framework of iMinds’ SIMRET project.
[SIMRET project closed on 31/12/2014]


Project: SIMRET

Ensuring access to health data

Investigating how patients should get access to their health data; in a format they can understand, thus helping them interpret the implications of their data and how it compares to various baselines. As such, the consortium of partners wants to provide patients with clearer insights into their health, thus ensuring they will use the healthcare system more efficiently.
[MyHealthData project running till 31/12/2016].


Project: MyHealthData

Improving fall detection systems

FallRisk investigated how to improve existing fall detection systems and developed an intelligent framework to assess the fall risk of older adults “Each partner in the FallRisk project consortium has its strengths, but thanks to iMinds’ ICON program we have been able to turn all individual building blocks into a single, working solution; across company borders, and building on the expertise of four iMinds research groups. None of this would have been possible without the ICON program.’ -- Pieter Crombez, Televic Healthcare.
[FallRisk project closed on 31/12/2014].


Project: FallRisk

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