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Bringing digital health technologies to market with imec’s business incubation support

Imec has a long and rich history in researching and advancing digital health technologies, but it also helps start-ups bring those technologies to market – either through imec.istart business incubation program or its Go Global internationalization activities.

Examples include –


Go Global program

icoMetrix specializes in imaging biomarkers. Its unique software called ‘MSmetrix’ extracts precise volumes from MRI brain images to provide patients suffering from multiple sclerosis with better treatment options.


Start-up: icoMetrix


imec.istart program

Molecubes builds preclinical imaging cubes that combine SPECT, PET and CT imaging in almost any lab space. Molecubes’ modular systems leave full flexibility, while ensuring full mice and full rat imaging. Intuitive wireless acquisition and reconstruction software allow the imaging hardware to be used almost anywhere by virtually anyone.


Start-up: Molecubes


imec.istart program

Pathomation provides pathology labs with software that offers new, innovative and user-friendly instruments for viewing, annotating, distributing, and sharing digital pathology images. The software is vendor-independent and capable of handling any proprietary format.


Start-up: Pathomation


imec.istart program

Qompium aims to revolutionize the future of healthcare by putting "a doctor in patients' pockets", allowing them to check their health status anytime and anywhere. Qompium's first app, called FibriCheck, is designed to detect irregular heart rhythms. By enabling heart patients to monitor their heartbeats using ordinary smartphones, they can get faster diagnosis.


Start-up: Qompium


imec.istart program

UgenTec delivers an independent diagnostic platform to help molecular labs with their DNA (PCR) analyses. Without additional training, a lab technician can reduce the analysis time of a sample set from 1.5 hours to 3 minutes and this with a higher reliability. As such, UgenTec spectacularly improves the efficiency of labs and provides patients with a higher diagnostic certainty.


Start-up: UgenTec

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