Internet of Things

In the past decade, the Internet has grown exponentially. It has been at the basis of numerous innovative applications already - and the best is yet to come... In a next step, the Internet will evolve to a true 'Internet of Things' (IoT) in which nearly all objects that surround us (cars, household robots, containers, etc.) will be connected. Just think of a refrigerator with an Internet connection that can send an e-mail if a product has expired.

Such an Internet of Things will have enormous potential - but in order to fully unlock its economic and societal value, a number of challenges still need to be tackled. iMinds plays a leading role in studying and solving some of those issues. Calling upon the expertise of its 900+ researchers (ranging from network engineers and mathematicians to experts in privacy, ethics and communication sciences) - and collaborating with the rapidly-growing (Flemish) IoT industry - iMinds has the critical mass to realize IoT breakthroughs that matter on an international level.