ICON Program Presents its Thirteen New Research Projects

End of 2014, thirteen research projects were selected for iMinds’ ICON program and will conduct their two-year interdisciplinary and cooperative research, co-funded by iMinds and industry, with support from IWT and Innoviris. Next to being a valuable addition to iMinds’ ICON portfolio, the thirteen projects bring no less than 37 first-time participating partners to our ecosystem.

Research for Future Products and Services

ICON is iMinds’ program for interdisciplinary and cooperative research. Its ICON research projects are agile and demand-driven, combining academia and industry partners. ICON projects typically have a duration of two years, yet quickly adapt to the rapidly-evolving digital landscape. ICON partners intend to use the project results in their products or services.

Cooperation with 55 Partners

With a total of 55 partners – of which 37 are first-time participants – collaborating in the selected projects, ICON sees its partner ecosystem grow. Just like in previous years, ICON notes a fair representation of SMEs (53%) and social profit companies (16%). Large Enterprises (LEs) represent 31% of the partners.
The total project budget is 27 million €, of which 17 million € is contributed by industry with support from IWT and Innoviris (7.7 million €).

Research Goal and Project Outlines

After being kicked-off in January 2015, each of the thirteen projects now presents its research goals and outlines. Get to know them:

CAPRADS: Faster Decisions with a Context Aware Platform
COMBUST: A Platform for Reliable Business Data
SEQUOIA: Safe Query Applications for Cloud-Based SaaS Applications

AORTA: Adaptive Optimization for Resource and Task Allocation in Hospitals
MECOVI: Collaborative Visualization in the Medical World
MSIpad: Mass Spectrometric Imaging in Pathological Anatomy and Drug Development
MyHealthData: Scenarios for the Use of Health Data by Patients

BAHAMAS: Analysis of High-Throughput and Big Data in Life Sciences and Materials Science
EMD: Elastic Media Distribution for Online Collaboration
SHIFT-TV: Multi-Screen, -Place and Time-Shifted Digital Television
wE-MOVE: Exergaming Used as Rehabilitation and Movement Exercises for Children

ClaXon: Towards a Smoother Human-Robot Collaboration in the Manufacturing Industry

Smart Cities
iFest: A Richer Festival Experience with Portable Sensor Technology

Submit your ICON Research Proposal

In response to ICON’s first 2015 call, nine new proposals have entered the evaluation phase. Some of these projects will start on October 1st 2015. The second ICON call of this year has its deadline for abstracts on September 10, for approved projects to start on April 1st, 2016. 

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