59 Start-ups Supported by European Accelerator 'CreatiFI'

The European Commission's 'CreatiFI' project, which helps start-ups in the creative sector pursue growth, has recently closed its first open call. 

Guiding start-ups that use the Commission's FIWARE technology, CreatiFI provided the selected projects with financial support and coaching - as well as access to a European network of creative hubs.

"We received 332 entries from across Europe and ultimately selected 59 projects. Those numbers showed us that there was a big need for this type of initiatives in the creative sector," says Ingrid Willems (iMinds), who coordinated the project. "We are very pleased with these results. Now we know how companies can put this technology to work, and what is the value brought by CreatiFI."

Each initiative approaches the possibilities offered by the European project in a different way. Below, we highlight three successful projects from the first open call. 

GraphyStories, the Future of Journalism

Brussels’ very own GraphyStories is one of the major success stories. The company, which focuses on web development and marketing, came up with a new social media monitoring tool for the media industry. “CreatiFI was absolutely essential to our success. The combination of financial support, coaching and regular feedback really enabled us to develop our product in the best possible way,” says Antoine Gounel of GraphyStories. Today, Sudpresse, De Persgroep and La Libre are already users of the tool, but the ambitions reach much further: “By the end of 2016, we want to be indispensable within our field.” 

Rush, Ultimate Platform for Film Producers

Another success story is Limecraft, from Ghent. They came up with RUSH, an online platform for film producers. The platform allows users to quickly and efficiently share and evaluate high-definition media. “Our videos are much smaller and load much faster,” says Nico Oorts of Limecraft. “Video consumption keeps on growing at an ever increasing quality. This creates an important need with producers, which we can now answer.” Oorst also praises the support received within CreatiFi. “Apart from the financing, we really benefited from the coaching and support, especially in modeling our business and finding the right market fit.”

THEOplayer, Revolution in Online Streaming

With THEOplayer, OpenTelly (Leuven) wants to become the worldwide standard for video streaming on the Web. “Our market potential is enormous. Our video player makes plugins like Flash or Silverlight completely obsolete,” says a very confident Steven Tielemans of OpenTelly. “Thanks to our mentor at CreatiFI, we came into contact with an American tech giant and were able to strengthen our sales and marketing team.” THEOplayer uses HTML5 to stream video. Now that browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge offer less and less support for plugins, OpenTelly seems to have found their market gap at just the right time.