Exploring the benefits of integrating Business Model research within Living Lab projects

iMinds Living Labs has gained a lot of experience in combined living lab and business model innovation projects. Our results show that the two research methodologies are not only complementary; their combination turns out to be more powerful than each individual approach used alone. Experts of iMinds Living Labs describe the benefits and practical implementation framework of this typical iMinds approach in an article that was published in Technology Innovation Management Review of December 2015, an edition for which Dimitri Schuurman was appointed as editor.
In the article, authors Olivier Rits, Dimitri Schuurman and Pieter Ballon (iMinds Living Labs) introduce the idea of integrating business model research with living lab research, because living lab researchers actively involve end users and stakeholders in the innovation development process by means of multiple research methods and including real-life experimentation and validation. 


This experimental approach allows business model researchers to consider the business implications of the different phases of any business by means of concrete research data that enables to capture the ‘dynamic aspects’ of the business model: from value creation, to value distribution, to value consumption. and finally, to value capture.