Studio 100 and iMinds Present Technological Feat During K3-Show on February 9th: the 'Selvie'

People in the audience can send videos of themselves to the big screen and help create a totally new experience with K3

Studio 100 and iMinds join forces for the worldwide premiere of a groundbreaking digital concept for shows and performances: the ‘selvie’. During the K3-show on the 9th of February in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, people in the audience will be able to send videos of themselves to the big screen, adding an extra interactive component to the show. It will be the very first time the selvie technology is tested during a major event – and the project is still looking for people to take part in the experiment.

At events and shows today, the audience is usually asked to turn off their smartphones, because photos or videos are not allowed during the performances. With the SELVIE project of digital research center iMinds, Studio 100 is taking an entirely different approach. In the past year, they have been looking for ways to encourage people to use their smartphones during events and further increase their involvement in the show.

“That is how we developed the ‘selvie’ concept – a video-based selfie,” says Anja Van Mensel of Studio 100. “During the K3-show on the 9th of February, we will have a number of tickets for people who will be able to send short movies of themselves to the control room in realtime. Our director will then use this material to create a completely new element to the show and project a number of movies on the big screen. This is a worldwide premiere and an important digital component we want to add to one of our live events.”

“Technologically, this kind of application does pose a number of challenges, which were specifically addressed within the SELVIE project,” says professor Steven Latré (iMinds - UAntwerp). “Sending an image of one concertgoer during an event usually isn’t a problem. But doing so for thousands of people at once is a very different story. The wireless network has to be able to cope with the sudden surge of videos, various video formats have to be supported and the director needs to be able to work with thousands of video cameras instead of just a handful. We’ve already done some small-scale testing and are very curious for the results of this first large-scale experiment. We’re hoping for some very enthusiastic responses from the audience!”

Anyone interested to see K3 and experiment with selvies during the show, can order tickets at a 20% discount. Visit Studio 100 to register and order tickets.

About the SELVIE project

The SELVIE project was carried out within the media-innovation framework of iMinds. For one year, a consortium of companies (Studio 100, Multicap and Videohouse) and iMinds researchers of the universities of Antwerp and Ghent worked on the development of technology enabling scalable and efficient video interactions with an audience during live events. The SELVIE project was made possible with the support of IWT.