Five iMinds Start-Ups from the Belgian Province of Limburg Ready for International Breakthrough

Ghent, 8 January, 2015. Nearly a year ago, the Flemish government asked LRM and iMinds - the digital research center and business incubator of Flanders, Belgium - to reinforce the entrepreneurial spirit in the Belgian province of Limburg (specifically in the fields of ICT and digital media). Twelve months later, five of the Limburg start-ups that are supported by iMinds are already on the verge of an international breakthrough.

UgenTec  technology analyzes  DNA samples 30 times faster, and faces worldwide breakthrough

DNA analysis is enabling early diagnosis and more accurate treatment of a variety of illnesses. Today, analyzing DNA is largely a manual exercise, which means that very weak infections could potentially be overlooked. UgenTec’s ‘FastFinder’ software automates DNA analysis - thus providing a solution that is 30 times faster and considerably more accurate.

“Even though UgenTec was only founded early 2014, things are moving rapidly,” says Wouter Uten, co-founder and CTO of UgenTec. “We have signed our first paying customers, as a result of which our solution will soon be implemented by 50 labs worldwide.”

Tripfair: the alternative to traditional online bookings sites, active in six European countries

Tripfair was founded in 2014, providing an alternative to the online booking sites that are fee-based (fees ranging from 10% to 25%). Tripfair developed an online platform on which travelers post their travel plans. Based on those plans, they receive up to five custom-made proposals. It is a model enabling travelers to book cheaper travels, and without the owners of holiday accommodation having to pay a fee. 

“We wanted to be a European player from day one,” says Tripfair’s Patrice Fleurquin. “Today, we’re active in six European countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, the UK, Italy and Spain. And while our current offer mainly consists of B&Bs, in the next couple of months we are going to open this up to also include camp grounds, hotels and cottages.”

Qompium app detects heart rhythm deficiencies; raises interest of Bayer Healthcare in Berlin

Qompium’s ‘Cardimoni’ solution is a smartphone app that detects and monitors heart rhythm deficiencies, with data directly being sent to one’s medical doctor. Contrary to existing solutions, Cardimoni not only measures the heart rate – but also the patterns of the heart rhythm.

“Another feature that clearly differentiates us from Apple- and Google-like apps, is the clinical validation process we’re going through. The Cardimoni solution builds on a continuous interaction with medical doctors and cardiologists. Right now, the app is being tested in a number of hospitals.  Moreover, we were selected by Bayer Healthcare to come and work at the headquarters in Berlin for three months, a period during which we could use their resources and network – an invaluable experience,” says Qompium’s Jo Van der Auwera.

LindaCare’s telemonitoring platform: in touch with hospitals in Europe and the US

Patients with pacemakers and internal defibrillators are increasingly being telemonitored. Today, however, hospitals have to work with equipment and portals of different vendors - preventing scalability. That is why LindaCare developed a telemonitoring platform that integrates existing solutions, improving efficiency and quality of the care that is provided: patients who need immediate support can now effectively be prioritized.

“The number of patients that can benefit from this type of solutions is going to grow explosively, and our solution helps hospitals cope with that demand,” says LindaCare’s Shahram Sharif. “We are already in touch with hospitals in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and even the US to further develop and assess our solution.”

RaceAlerts monitors race cars on a track in Dubai

RaceAlerts is a solution that monitors - in real-time - six crucial parts of a race car, both during test drives and actual ProAm races. As such, the team in the pits can track in a very detailed way how that car is performing and intervene before a problem arises. The solution is web-based and can be consulted anywhere, anytime and from any device.

“During the past Zolder race in Belgium, two cars were equipped with our solution. It worked well and provided the teams with a lot of useful data. But obviously this is a solution that can be deployed anywhere. Hence, we have also run tests in Barcelona, and this month our technology is running on a racecourse in Dubai,” says Koen Huybrechts from RaceAlerts. “Being an entrepreneur means taking a leap into the unknown,” concludes Wouter Uten from UgenTec. “If I can provide other starters with a single piece of advice: take your idea, and take the leap. You’ll see: it is an amazing experience – no matter how things turn out. Believe in your idea and go for it!”  

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