The imec.icon research program is our successful formula for demand-driven, cooperative research. Over a period of typically two years, multi-disciplinary research teams of scientists, industry partners and/or social profit organizations work together to develop digital solutions that find their way into the market offer of the participating partners.

The program has already resulted in over 100 completed projects in a wide range of ICT related application domains and markets.

What does imec.icon offer?

Our research program will help you kick-start your project. imec.icon offers:

  • Collaboration and research tailored to the needs of the consortium partners
  • Access to the expertise of academics and industry partners
  • A route to valorization through the industry partners
  • Aligned procedure with VLAIO and Innoviris

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Who can participate?

imec.icon is all about creating the ideal consortium of partners to solve a practical need. This consortium brings together companies (SMEs and large enterprises) and imec researchers, potentially complemented with stakeholders (governments, non-profit, social-profit) or international companies, other research groups or research institutes.

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Outcome of an imec.icon project

The result of an imec.icon project is a ‘demonstrator’ or a ‘proof-of-concept’. The idea is to lay the foundations of future products, which the industry partners continue to integrate in their offer.

Discover the outcome of:

  • CoMobile: Mobile wallet application for retail shops
  • Telesurgery: Digital operating room with real-time information at remote location
  • NXT_SLEEP: Next-generation sleep monitoring platform

Get inspired by our projects

imec.icon has already resulted in 100+ completed projects in a wide range of ICT related application domains and markets.

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