On Demand Contract Research

iMinds is set up to be a demand-driven research center, which implies close collaboration with the industry. Not only do we coordinate demand-driven research calls, we also engage in bilateral projects with companies and organizations.

iMinds can serve your business needs in multiple ways: 

As a company you can contact iMinds to discuss your research challenges in relation to iMinds' expertise. While contract research is always funded directly by the company, many projects can be funded through alternative channels. IWT-funding is a common example for industrial R&D projects, SME feasibility studies or SME innovation projects. Funding can also be secured through iMinds certification as an SME Wallet Service Provider or other funding agencies searching for ICT-driven projects.

iMinds has extensive knowledge on funding channels available for your project, but you can always contact your regional innovation center (Innovatiecentrum) as well for a first level appreciation on your ideas.

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