imec.livinglabs Research

Imec offers researchers and entrepreneurs the chance to test and co-develop their innovative solutions thoroughly with their target audience. In that way products and services are better and have every chance of success on the market.

Imec.livinglabs is a leading organization in the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), drawing upon a state-of-the-art living lab toolbox that consists of scientifically validated R&D methods. 

Through our living lab projects, we continuously validate, improve and expand these methods and their supporting tools.

What We Do

Our imec.livinglabs research includes users early on and all through the innovation process. This approach provides a solution to innovation thresholds and challenges such as:

  • Capturing, understanding and validating users’ interactions with products and services, at an early stage. 
  • Transforming ideas into prototypes users can interact with in their daily context.
  • Shaping ‘(minimum) viable products’ through an iterative, agile process. 
  • Designing business models through stakeholder analysis and go-to-market definition.

We conduct living labs research for innovative digital solutions, using our imec.livinglabs Toolbox.
Explore the imec.livinglabs Toolbox:

We also build customized living lab projects to tackle your challenges; from the fuzzy front-end to the market introduction of your product or service. Explore our Innovation models:

  • Exploration lab

The exploration lab turns a basic vision into ideas and concepts. It aims at exploring the current user and/or business context of your innovation, identifying needs and gaps and exploring the related opportunities and solutions. Typically, this approach is most effective in early stage innovation processes, when you literally have little more than an idea to work with.

  • Experimental lab

The experimental lab explores the boundaries of a product or service by creating and testing first prototypes. In doing so, it aims at a more long-term and contextualized understanding of users’ reactions to (and ecosystem implications of) your innovation. This type of projects usually requires more effort in terms of time and resources to include multiple iterations of the prototype and user feedback. In return, it enables a more fine-grained and holistic view on the innovation’s potential value.

  • Evaluation lab

The evaluation lab validates user interest in your innovation and/or the business model behind it. Early adopter segments and ambassadors are identified, and the optimal road-to-market is outlined. For this approach to work, a fairly mature service or product innovation is required.