360° Business Model Innovation

While user research focuses on the ‘WHAT’ (the value proposition) and ‘WHO’ (customer segments) questions, the business model focuses on the ‘HOW’ question (the go-to-market strategy). More specifically, the business model describes the strategy a company can use to optimally create, deliver and capture the value it offers to its customers. 

We distinguish 4 levels: 


  • The value proposition describes the added value for a specific market segment or customer.
  • The functional architecture describes the technical components, but also the processes, tasks and roles.
  • The value network identifies the various stakeholders as well as their roles, and which shows the (inter)relationships between the stakeholders.
  • The financial model focuses on the pricing model and the return of value across the value network; this is then linked to the cost model for obtaining and maintaining the required assets, the core tasks of the company and building the necessary ecosystem.

Business model workshop

Business models are based on facts and assumptions. The big added value of a living lab track for business models is that it provides feedback on these (key) assumptions. During a business model workshop we gather that feedback and work with you to adapt the business model and assumptions accordingly.