imec's Technical Testing Center

Imec’s Technical Testing Center provides researchers, industry members and SMEs with the experimentation environments, hardware, measurement equipment and software tools needed for them to develop and test their digital innovations. On top of that, the center’s experienced staff and collaborating imec researchers offer users all the necessary technical support and expertise to assist them throughout the entire development process and evaluation of their ICT technologies.

What these facilities can offer you

  • Technology discovery and feasibility analysis. When designing a new ICT solution, it is essential to understand how feasible the technology is. Our facilities provide the tools to conduct such analysis. If your ICT idea or solution is feasible, it is important to identify possible performance gains, alternative technologies, or unforeseen pitfalls. If your ICT solution proves not to be feasible, technologic advice can be given on how the solution can be improved.
  • Performance and scalability analysis. When designing new or improved ICT applications, it is important to be informed about the relevant performance characteristics of your solution in real-life environments. Our facilities provide hardware and software components for you to conduct performance and scalability testing on your technological innovation, together with expert advise on how to do those evaluations.
  • Strategic advice. The expert staff members and collaborating researchers in the testing center also act as consultants and strategic advisors throughout the development and testing processes, offering their unique expertise in the field.

Groundbreaking Technical Facilities

Our technical testing center offers a wide range of testbeds, each of them focusing on its specific field of research and containing highly specialized, state-of-the-art equipment, which can be complemented with any third-party software and/or hardware.

  • The Virtual Wall is one of the two main testbeds of the center, focusing on testing and experimentation activities related to wired networks and solutions, such as cloud services, Big Data Analysis and other networking experiments. Learn more about what the Virtual Wall can offer you
  • w-iLab.t is the second main facility in the center. Deployed in two different locations, the testbed offers a broad range of equipment to test wireless networks and solutions under different conditions and environments. Explore the potential of w-iLab.t.
  • HomeLab puts researchers and developers working in close relation with users to shape the homes of the future. This residential test environment will allow testers to receive immediate feedback on their developments, thus streamlining development and evaluation processes. Flexible walls, technical corridors, hollow floors and ceilings make it possible to easily install and replace new technologies, ensuring the testbed is always updated with state-of-the-art technology. A semi-realistic home set-up, known as “mini-HomeLab”, and an extension to this set-up in an office environment are already operational, while the definitive testbed is being finalized. Discover the opportunities HomeLab has to offer you.
  • OfficeLab brings the Internet of Things to the everyday work environment, aiming to create and test technological developments to improve and optimize working conditions. Automated air conditioning and lightning systems, optimized teleworking solutions and collective intelligence are just a few of the technological innovations to be developed and help build the offices of tomorrow. Contact the team for further information.

Opening the testbeds to the world

The Virtual Wall and w-iLab.t testbeds have integrated several European research projects in the field of ICT, such as CREW and FORGE.

The technical testing center is currently spearheading the FED4FIRE project, which aims to federate similar testbeds worldwide, those enabling an easier and more open access to the FIRE facilities.

We are looking forward to connect our testbeds to others worldwide and thus be able to conduct even more complex experiments and offer our one-of-a-kind technology to a greater number of users.


We are happy to discuss possible collaboration options. Contact us via and we will get back to you soon.