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As our growing imec research community spans 900+ researchers located at 5 Flemish universities, we intend to make it easy for you to get quick access to practical information and tools. Have a look at this page to discover open calls, download imec templates, share your recent awards, and more.


Showcase your research expertise with these newly-opened and ongoing calls for proposals, papers and awards.

  • Call for research and start-up demos at
    ITF 2017
    Deadline December 16
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Looking for exciting opportunities at imec and our Start-up ecosystem?

Other opportunities

Fostering our Human Capital

Aiming to foster, support and permanently extend your research expertise, imec has set up a dedicated Human Capital Strategy – in compliance with the EU’s HRS4R requirements.

The key activities defined in this strategy will result in the influx of top talent and will have a positive impact on the professional and personal development of imec researchers.

Trainings & Workshops

Discover how you can improve your skills and develop new talents.

Researchers in Residence

Imec supports you in finding the perfect program or formula to conduct digital research in a real company setting.

Opportunity Recognition Workshop (ORW)

Imec helps you broaden your academic horizons and discover new research and development opportunities in your work.

Make your technology available for licensing

Seeing your research results and digital know-how being put in practice is a milestone in a researcher’s career. Imec helps you bring your expertise to industry and society by supporting your licensing process. We present your technologies in an accessible way and provide you with matchmaking opportunities to accelerate uptake.

Get the Most Out of Our Strong Brand

As an imec ambassador, we encourage you to make use of our logos, templates and branded goods.