A toolset for the processing, compression and analysis of big data in life and materials science applications

BAHAMAS (BAHAMAS) is een onderzoeksproject (ICON). Funded by iMinds, it ran from 31.12.2014 until 30.12.2016.

Project information

  • Partner: DCILabs
  • Project Lead: Bart Nys
  • Partner: SMO
  • Partner: NICC
  • Partner: VIB
  • Partner: imec - VisionLab - UAntwerpen
  • Partner: imec - IPI - UGent
  • Partner: imec - ETRO - VUB
  • Partner: Pathomation
  • Research Lead: Jan Lemeire


Big data analysis is becoming increasingly important. Large sets of data are being generated by the very latest and most advanced tools, but solutions are lacking that allow the scientists to efficiently cope with the overwhelming amount of information.

The BAHAMAS research project aims to offer life scientists and materials scientists an innovative platform for the storage, processing and analysis of big data. Four distinct use cases have been identified, focusing on the processing of:

  • 3D electron microscopy data, supporting the analysis of sub-cellular organelles;
  • hyperspectral data, to study the impact of environmental changes on plant growth;
  • spectral and electron microscopy data, to develop a new framework for classifying potential gun-shot residue particles;
  • high-throughput video, supporting the analysis of a group of fruit flies to study their (social) behavior.


Project outcomes

  • A novel generic microscope image analysis chain for processing 3D electron microscopy volumes
  • A novel processing framework for high-throughput hyperspectral data
  • A new framework for classifying millions of potential gunshot residue particles
  • A very fast automated fruit flies behavior analysis framework